Shape Of Water Film Analysis

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The Shape of Water (2017) demonstrated a phenomenal performance through the intricacies of love, loneliness, and friendship. The movie was backed with a terrific ensemble cast. Sally Hawkins plays the lead character, Eliza Esposito, as a lonely mute janitor at a secret government laboratory. Doug Jones plays the Amphibian Man who is tortured at the secret laboratory, but it is able to spark a romantic relationship with Esposito. Richard Jenkins plays the role of Giles, Esposito’s gay friend that is trying to sale his professional paintings. Octavia Spencer performs the role of Zelda, a janitor that is Esposito’s colleague, friend, and translator at work. Lastly, Michael Shannon acts as Strickland, a sadistic colonel who captured the Amphibian Man in a South American river. No actor or actress was a weak link in the movie. The audience can truly feel the hate and love perpetuated depending on the character. These characters have complexity and authenticity to them. The movie takes place during the Cold war era and revolves around the intimacy of Esposito and the Amphibian Man at the secret government facility. The Shape of Water has also been nominated for thirteen academy awards including best motion picture (Guillermo del Torro), best performance by an actress in a leading role (Sally Hawkins), best performance by an actress in supporting role (Octavia Spencer), and best performance by an actor in a supporting role (Richard Jenkins). In this film, we witness the exceptional
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