Shaping American Society Essay

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Thorough history we see how racial gender and class issues shape societies. From the black ages to present day race gender and class have been used to discriminate against others. History is riddled with examples of exclusion, hatred, and discrimination of races, most prominently example of race hatred was the after math of the Johnson vs. Jefferies fight where riots and murders of blacks occurred. Every period of history shows a stagnate relationship with trying to increase equality among race, class, and gender except, after the Worlds Fair to World War I America went through the greatest time of discrimination and persecution of different races, genders, and classes which shaped American society into a more spiteful society.
Racial equality
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Eugenics was when the America attempted to breed out those who are not good enough and create a perfect society, this was done by persuading families who have unfit qualities to not have kids also the sterilization of unknowing women and sometimes men was common. The undesirables was a term used to describe those who where unfit for the prefect society that eugenics was trying to create. American doctors took it upon themselves to help create a perfect society deciding which babies live and die the infamous Dr. Haiselden was one who got caught and defended the act of letting babies die. The case of Buck vs. Bell was one that struck a cord with many Americans and is a big case when it comes to civil rights. Carrie buck was a 17-year-old rape victim that was impregnated by her attacker, she carried and gave birth to the child. She was kicked out of her home by her parents and was forced into an asylum where she had her civil rights violated by the doctor who sterilized her against her wishes and will. This case shows the struggle of being a different gender buck was sterilized and persecuted by
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