Sharecropping Argumentative Essay

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Black people have never been treated fairly by white people. Slavery was when they were at their worst. The punishments for doing something wrong or escaping were severe. You have your legs cut off, you could be burned, you could get hanged, and the list goes on. They were forced to do whatever job their master made them do. The slaves could work in the field or in the house. Many of them didn't have an education and couldn't read or write. Thankfully, slavery was abolished in the year 1865. Though it may seem they were free, they weren't. They had more rights such as voting, but they had a long way to go.

Although slavery was abolished, not a lot had changed. Most people did the same jobs as they did before. Only this time, they could get paid. We use the term “sharecropping”. This is when you work in the field and you get paid a share of the crops. You wouldn't get killed if you ran away because you could quite. This is an improvement from before, but there is a downside. They weren't paid in money so they couldn't buy clothes or own land. In the 60’s, the Ku Klux Klan - also referred to as the KKK - formed. This was a terrorist group that wanted white people to control everything. The members were many police officers and
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When she refused, the bus driver called the police and she got put in jail. People later then started boycotting the busses. This forced the bus company to change its rules if it wanted to stay in business. Another icon is Ruby Bridges. She was the first black child to go to a formerly all white school. All the teachers refused to teach her except one. This teacher came from the north. People would stand outside of the school protesting and throwing things at Ruby. She had to have police officers lead her into school so she would stay safe. She didn't know what was going on, yet she made a huge
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