Sharecropping Research Papers

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While my brother and Papa were picking strawberries for Ito, I had been cleaning Main Street School. I missed being with my brother, Panchito, with him working with me because we sometimes had races on who could mop the floor faster. He would get mad when I won because he wanted to win so badly and show off. I believe he also missed working with me too. I just continued to work cleaning the school. On weekends I would help out my brother, Panchito, and Papa. We would listen to Braceros and Papa would tell us stories that happened to him in Mexico during our half hour of lunch we had. Papa told us once that he joined the Cristero Revolt in 1926, and unfortunately he had been shot in the knee and was in jail for 6 months. Papa sometimes said that he wanted to be a strawberry sharecropper, and when the opportunity came, he felt torn. He could not deice whether or not to become a strawberry sharecropper or still work for Ito. A friend of Papa, Joe Garcia, had told him if he would like to be partners with him of 9 acres of land of strawberries. I wanted Papa to be the strawberry sharecropper, but he finally decided to work for Ito only six days a week,…show more content…
The rancher of the land only provided us the plants and land. Of course it was easy for him, but he should 've provided tools also. Papa and Joe decided to borrow a small loan from a money and loan company to buy the tools, a tractor, wood to build a shed to store the tools, and a outhouse. I helped him out to build the wood house and set up everything. He then proceeded to to use credit to buy a 1953 Buick to replace the Carcachita, since it worked better and had more space. I drove the Buick to school. Papa and Mama drove the old DeSoto since Mr. Donovan, a rancher, gave my parents the car for exchange of them working for Mr. Donovan. I was happy I drove the new Buick because now I felt like I bought a new, expensive car popular kids had
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