How To Write A Reflective Essay On Current And Future Nursing Practice

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IHI Certificates and FEMA Certificate- Current and Future Practices The IHI and FEMA Disaster Management certificates I completed was, shared decision making, quality in health care and introduction to the incident command system for healthcare/hospitals. All of these topics are very relevant to my current and future nursing practice. Shared decision-making and quality in health care are fundamental components to a nurse daily practice. It is our ethical responsibility as health care professionals to provide quality care and involve patients in their care. Quality in health care is involved in every decision we make and providing quality care will have a positive impact on our patients currently and in their future. Patients are getting more involved in shared decision making and keeps patients fully engaged in their health care. It is important to the future of health care as it can decrease cost of unnecessary hospitals visits. The FEMA Disaster Management certificates opened my eyes to systems that needs to be in place for emergencies. The future is unknown, and FEMA Disaster Management showed me how nurses can provide commitment and serve in times of crisis. IHI…show more content…
I did my live practicum at an adult and specialty clinic in Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY. This clinic served a very diverse population and afforded me with great in person interactions that I do not get from my daily practice, in the acute setting. I learned a great deal in my live practicum and the class certificates and case studies. The IHI case studies and FEMA certificate play a significance in my current and future nursing career. All the topics discussed are very important and pertinent to nursing. Knowing that, I had a wonderful learning experience in my live practicum and with the IHI case studies and FEMA certificate is a rewarding feeling. All the practicum components helped me to have an improved understanding of quality and safe
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