Shared Decision Making: Dr. Victor Montori

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Shared Decision Making
In this case study, Dr. Victor Montori professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota discussed what exactly is shared decision making. Dr. Montori is pioneering the concept of shared decision making, which he discussed in a two-part video (IHI, 2018). In part one of a two-part interview, he discussed how shared decision making can potentially change health care (IHI, 2018). In part two, Dr. Montori walks us through how to use some innovative tools with chronic care patients and shares a touching and humorous story about an elderly man (IHI, 2018). Dr. Montori states that shared decision making is a discussion that takes place between two parties, the clinician and the patient. It takes the patient expertise on their own health into the conversation and honoring it into the decision-making process (IHI, 2018). Shared decision making allows to make the options available clear, empower patients to consider the options and express their goals (IHI, 2018). Clinicians have more obligation to provide the most level of transparency into the decision-making process. Shared decision making allows health professionals to participate in a patient revolution and be an agent of change (IHI, 2018).
Discussion Questions
1) Reflect on the story of the 92-year-old man. Why did Dr. Montori choose to tell that one when asked about the benefits of the tools?
Answer: The story Dr. Montori chose to share about the 92-year-old man was very inspiring. I
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