Shared Knowledge And Personal Knowledge

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In order to discuss this topic we must first clearly define the terms “shared knowledge” and “personal knowledge”. Shared knowledge is facts that people agree with such as math or biology. These kinds of topics are usually developed by people that are experts in these subjects such as scientists and as a result those facts are usually accepted by the public. On the other hand personal knowledge is one’s own opinions, beliefs, imaginations, ideas and experiences which are developed by him and that’s the reason why personal knowledge may be subjective to the public. An example could be art since it is developed by someone’s own imagination. So, in the following paragraphs we will discuss how shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge, or how can personal knowledge shape shared knowledge and whether these two ways of knowledge may be inseparable or even the same thing. This will be done by reference to two areas of knowledge which are Art and the Natural Sciences physics and biology.
In the case of natural science, personal knowledge and shared knowledge can be linked since a lot of individual’s knowledge with the help of shared knowledge can lead to new ideas and innovations. Take for example Stephen Hawking one of the most important scientists of our time. There is no doubt that he had some personal qualities and skills that he had the ability to think with a different way than his peers. But all this knowledge didn’t derive solely by his personal knowledge; he had to go
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