Shared Knowledge And Personal Knowledge

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Knowledge can be classified into shared knowledge and personal knowledge. Shared knowledge is known and accessible to everyone. It is based on concepts and explanations that can be spread and understood by the general public. Personal knowledge differentiates individuals. It is mainly based on personal experience, opinions and thoughts. The term “personal life” composes the context of this statement. Personal life can be explained by breaking it down into shared and personal knowledge. Personal life includes shared knowledge however, it goes beyond, including personal knowledge, individualizing and personalizing the life of a human being. For instance, when playing a song, the lyrics and melody are shared knowledge, accessible and understood by everyone. The memories and experiences that an individual may relate to this song compose the personal knowledge. It cannot be understood and explained by others. Life without personal knowledge would make all human beings identical. Personal knowledge is the crucial element that distinguishes individuals from each other. The manner in which the environment and experiences are perceived and how these perceptions are processed into knowledge, differentiate people and create personal lives. Personal lives would not exist without this difference in humans. On the other hand, it may be argued that humans are genetically varied, therefore they cannot be biologically identical. All human beings are part of the same species, therefore
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