Essay On Shared Knowledge

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With reference two areas of knowledge discus the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge. Personal knowledge is something that one individual person know or “what I know”, whereas the shared knowledge is associated with a group of people or what we know”. The personal knowledge consist of one perspective or knowledge about our-self or very personal opinion. Furthermore, authority or certain groups of people who have power to make decisions are the ones who form shard knowledge. Whereas, person knowledge is formed by one individual person, which I think is not necessarily true. (how does shared knowledge forms personal knowledge) The example of personal knowledge would be, I play cricket, Mr. A is my TOK teacher or I love…show more content…
However there is possibility for religious knowledge to be shared knowledge but it’s not always true. Some indigenous group people believe that after we’re died we got to either hell or heaven but this belief is only limited for this group of people. Also there are people who believe that god exists and also atheist people, so there beliefs regarding or in perspectives of religion cannot be shared knowledge. For example, in Hinduism, we believe in destiny meaning god has planned good or bad things for everyone way ahead. Whereas in Muslim religion, they don’t believe in destiny. Furthermore, shared knowledge shapes the personal knowledge in which the religious rules and beliefs are concerned. In Hinduism, you cannot marry a person from another religion and that’s what almost all people belief and everyone follows, which why it is shared knowledge. However, I do not agree with knowledge system why I should only get marry with person from my religion, why not from other religion? Is it because religion says so or that’s what our shared knowledge? It is my personal knowledge that this system is absolutely ridiculous. But not all people think so, which is why it cannot be consider shared knowledge, at the same time the shared knowledge has shaped my personal knowledge. Furthermore, in terms of my friend, he thinks that it’s rule of Hinduism to get marry within your religion zone and that’s how the religious knowledge which is shared knowledge has shaped his personal
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