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Shared leadership, “pull[s] people, resources and ideas together to get a job done” (Goldsmith Article, 2010). I see myself as a qualified individual, which is a characteristic that Goldsmith associates with a candidate for Shared Leadership. I also see myself as an individual that has developed good working relationships with my colleagues and shown that I value their time and talents that they bring to the table. This ability to work well with others towards a common goal, promotes a culture of inclusion and that is one of my strengths.
I am everyone’s biggest cheerleader naturally and I consider myself flexible in my decision making. Since I am such a cheerleader for everyone in my school, I see how being positive and an active participant in the leadership, helps to maintain an inclusive educational environment leading to success for all students in that environment. My job experiences have helped me learn to be a member of a collaborative team and while I am competitive at heart, when it comes to my students and inclusion, it’s all about what will help them. I am adaptable and organized, which can be helpful in a collaborative environment where things are changing to fit whatever hiccup or challenge arises. I know where my strengths are and I see
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I understand that we needed to provide a collaborative environment for inclusive education where all collaborating, are valued and play a role. I am a special education teacher that sees the value of inclusion and I was a classroom teacher that worked in a school where inclusion was common practice. I know that collaboration was a key to the success of our inclusion programs. I strive to have mutual goals with the teachers I work with in my school. My vision for a school’s inclusion program, begins with sharing the leadership and fostering a collaborative

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