10 Ways Sharepoint Improves Productivity

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10 Ways SharePoint Improves Productivity
Are you planning to invest in Sharepoint? Then you must be doing proper research on the product first. Here we bring to you important insights from ECM consultants about why Microsoft SharePoint is worth putting in your money. Do you think that IT support includes only fixing your computers in case of a breakdown? No it is not so, there is a lot more to it. If you see from a technological point of view then IT support is involved in numerous support and maintenance tasks along with complex roles such as maintaining the productivity in the workplace.
So you are wondering what is relation between IT support and productivity? If employees work with slow and inefficient softwares then obviously their productivity
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Apps and Marketplace – the SharePoint Marketplace is continuously growing with the addition of new apps and updates which improves the program’s speed and efficiency. This also helps the users to avoid risks and costs of developing a custom software.
9. BI – with Sharepoint’s in-memory capabilities in combination with Excel you can implement data warehousing easily and assemble unstructured data from multiple sources for analysis. With sharepoint any user can create a BI spreadsheet within minutes.
8. Web content management – you can manage your website easily with SharePoint. The software’s key areas is running the internet facing sites fastly by embedding videos on the web pages directly, creating small URLs and also offering multi-device and multi-lingual support.
7. Site policies – it is important that the websites are cleaned, maintained and updated regularly. Broken links, security loopholes, and stale content can have a negative impact on the website, brand image and also the page rank of the website on Google. That is why SharePoint allows to trigger configurations and workflows for handling inactive web pages and
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Document management – in any organisation the main issue is to keep track of the important documents and store them for further references. This becomes a very difficult work for the employees as well as the management and many a times important information is lost or not available urgently when needed. With the help of SharePoint crucial documents can be saved with just a drag and drop into secure folders for future use and then it can be stored in designated folders in an organised manner which can be recalled instantly. This improves productivity and can save hours of work searching for the documents in case of

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