Shark Attack Research Paper

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Research Question:
What is the relationship between shark feeding behavior and shark humans attacks, and what are the effect of overexploitation in shark populations?
If sharks have low visibility, they can confound for a fish a man’s foot or calf. If fishing behavior increase, it will be a decline in shark population.
There is a significant difference between cruising swimming and filter feeding speeds of basking sharks.
Experimental design:
• Cruising swimming speeds and filter-feeding of basking sharks. In 100-km area in the western basin of the English Channel, basking sharks were sited and chased. Six basking sharks were measured (4.0–6.5 m body dimension). In addition, basking sharks swimming in the shallow were advancing gradually and at a distance equivalent to the shark of 5 to 7 m, they were followed by positioning the vessel, with the tip of the shark’s snout with the bow in line. Furthermore, the shark speed was found when they swam on straight tracks in the water and in the ground. Throughout the water using a mechanical flow-meter magnitudes of shark swimming
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Also, it was evaluated the time of the day when accidents occur. The lambent light of the wind effect on the surface and possibly greater turbidity might vaguely the view taking into consideration when humans were attacked. There was studying the feeding habits of sharks and the time the attacks occur. Measure the deepest of water in which the incidents occurred (8 inches to waist deep) The incident involved persons who were paddling, and because of the conditions of light and wind, the shark maybe did not detect the target which was out of water. Finally, it was possible to examine that the shark confounded for a fish a man 's foot or calf. The wading caused by walking, the lower limbs may have simulated fish
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