Shark Fin Soup In Chinese Culture Essay

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Sharks are disappearing from seas mostly hunted for their fins to make a traditional Chinese delicacy. Consumption of shark fin soup in Chinese culture has become a concerning issue that demands attention. Since its appearance in Chinese history, shark fin soup has become part of tradition. The dish is served not only to maintain this tradition but as a way to display social status.
Shark fin soup played a significant role in ancient China that is still evident today. During the Ming dynasty, shark fins were offered as tribute to the emperor which earned them a place in banquets because of “their reputation from being difficult or expensive to source” (Clarke et al, 2007). Up to this day, “Shark fin soup is [still] considered a symbol of wealth and prestige in Chinese culture, and has been a popular — and often expected — item at Lunar New Year’s parties and wedding banquets” (2009). Shark fin soup was integrated into Chinese culture due to the delicacy being served for thousands of years. As an important food in culture, this dish is often served in important social occasions where hosts are able to display their class and social status by presenting banquets with exoctic foods that
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This knowledge discourages young consumers when it comes to eating shark fin soup. On the other hand, this belief is popular in older generations because they believe that these foods are actually aiding a person’s health. According to marine ecologist and research assistant professor, Neil Hammerschlag and his colleagues, testing the fins of 10 different species of sharks for BMAA. BMAA was found in all the species, many of which are part of the shark fin trade such as the hammerhead shark. With years upon years of common belief that have entered the brain of older generation, trying to change their mindset expresses

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