Shark Finning Persuasive Essay

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Sharks are driven to extinction because people want to eat their fins which serves no purpose to humans; shark fins have no nutritional value or serve any medicinal purpose. Finning is the inhumane practice of cutting off all of the shark’s fins and throwing the body back into the ocean. The sharks either drown are eaten by bigger fish or starve to death. Soon sharks are going to become extinct because of the 100 millions of sharks killed every year. If shark finning continues it will throw off the biodiversity of earth.

If sharks go extinct it can cause a disastrous effect on the food chain; coral reefs could possibly die and fisheries could collapse. Keeping sharks alive helps keep a healthy and regular balance in marine life. The oceans
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Shark fin soup is of chinese origin and it is treated as a delicacy. It is a sign of wealth, each bowl is a $100 us dollars and it is usually served at business banquets and weddings. There is little to no taste in the shark fin and it is the most expensive type of fish in the fish market, there is no real purpose to why

Rodriguez 3 humans should capture and kill sharks inhumanely; they are only harming the ecosystem.

Sharks have been in this world for more than 450 million years they are the oldest species alive, they are older than dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are now extinct and sharks are not but if shark finning does not stop they will soon be extinct. Sharks are already an endangered species with humans killing 11,417 sharks per hour and annually it can be up 273 million sharks. Sharks may go extinct within the next few decades if the killing rate stays at 100 million sharks killed per year.

The shark savers is an organization that raises awareness and saves sharks from the cruel and inhumane way of shark finning. There needs to be more people like this to save the sharks and keep them from

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