Persuasive Essay On Shark Finning

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Sharks have existed for over 400 million years, predating insects, mammals and dinosaurs. Being the apex predators of the world’s seas, sharks have been keeping the population of the oceanic ecosystem in check. However, the number of sharks is considerably decreasing. One of the main reasons behind this is shark finning, the brutal and barbaric practice of cutting off sharks ' fins then throwing the rest of the body, often still alive, back into the sea. The practice of shark finning should be banned worldwide. It is inhumane, promotes animal abuse, and is damaging to the marine ecosystem. as the demand for shark fin soup increased, fishermen have been trying to fulfil customers’ wishes by finning sharks.
1. Tens of millions of sharks are dying
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3. In order to stop the shark fin trade, each one of us must work together; regular consumers, business owners, and government officials. As a start, governments worldwide should ban the practice completely and set penalties for violators. Although several countries have banned shark finning, illicit and unauthorized practices still occur.
Since official prohibition is not making much difference, it is people’s duty as consumers to stop the trade.
The communities should realize that by keeping sharks safe in sanctuaries, they can stimulate tourism and make much more profit than by slaying them and cutting off their fins to make soup.

Shark finning is brutal and causing the shark population to deplete, leading to an imbalance in the ecosystem of the oceans. Depriving sharks of their fins and throwing the rest of the still-alive body away, just to have a tasteless overpriced soup, is not something to brag about but something to be ashamed of. Sharks need their fins just as humans need their limbs. If you save the sharks, you’re saving yourself. You can make a difference. It’s a rule in business; when the demand stops, the supplying
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