Short Essay On Shark Girl By Jane Arrowwood

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Imagine a life where everything seems to revolve around one important element. And just as everything seems to be going well, it all changes within a matter of seconds. In the novel Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham, the protagonist, Jane Arrowood, had to experience this. She had a strong passion for drawing, but she was required to have her dominant arm amputated because of a shark attack. As she recovered slowly in the hospital, she showed her true inner strength when she learned to draw and write with her other hand. When I read this book I connected with Jane by being reminded of all the roadblocks I’ve hit during my basketball career, and I noticed there were learning experiences from Jane’s actions on how to conquer the journey of recovery. …show more content…

For Jane, because she had the thought of never being able to draw again, that meant she had to secretly begin practicing with her left hand. At first, her mom downloads a drawing software on her laptop, but Jane doesn’t think it portrays the same way as actual pens on paper. So she starts by drawing on a leftover gum wrapper she found in a trash bag. Resembling Jane, when I was injured I couldn’t do anything for the first few weeks. But on the days when I had free time I would work on ball handling drills and my shooting technique. As the novel progresses, Jane continues to draw with her left hand and her drawing skills start to increase. As for me, when I was released to play again, my basic skills did not decrease because I took advantage of the time I had and did something productive with it. This learning experience taught me that it’s always best to “Go for the Gold” and make an effort to get the wanted results in the end. In conclusion, when I read the novel Shark Girl, I connected with Jane because the strength and passion she has for drawing is the same for me and playing basketball. And I learned that it takes hard work and dedication to conquer tough situations in life, to never let one roadblock change how the future plays out, and that the trick to life is to live in the moment. For it is a mystery when it could all

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