Sharkasm Book Report

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Sharkasm The year was two thousand, fifteen , Claire Spedale, Janie Spedale, and I were enjoying a leisurely day on the warm white sand of Rosemary Beach. Lathered in dermatologist recommended sunblock, we embrace the warm essence of the summer sun. The Spedale’s had obtained several chairs, boogie boards, and most importantly Tahiti Island. Tahiti Island was an extravagant inflatable island with drink holders, chairs, and a slide. The entire extended Spedale family attended the annual family beach trip, and that day were all there on the ever so coveted Tahiti Island. Claire, Janie, and I decide to snatch some boogie boards and go towards their dad and brother, Michael. They were kayaking along the second sand bar.
Invested in a normal
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Regardless of my young age or naiveness, I knew more than enough to understand to never want to be anywhere near such a dangerous, powerful, frightening, yet elegant creatures. This rather strange fear was brought on once I read a book about a child that was attacked by a shark. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, but it still scared me. The beast was approximately fifteen to sixteen inches and swimming as gracefully as a princess dancing at a royal ball. Contemplating why I fear these animals so much, it’s thick and rough skin brushed against my leg. Claire analyzed the situation well enough and placed her hand over my mouth so my screaming would not cause the shark to get defensive and…show more content…
I swam back to shore like I was competing for a gold medal. The saltiness of the water splashed on my face with every stroke. A few yards behind me, Claire and Janie rushed towards that warm sand. The sun was beaming on my back as I was gliding to safety. Finally, we all reached that point were all the waves start crashing and sighed with relief. We paused for a moment reflecting on the series of events that had just occurred. I vividly remember myself still shaking in fright. The twins tried to reassure me, “Hey Piper, it is ok, you just have to relax.” I took four deep breathes and finished our trek to
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