Sharon Creech's Love That Dog

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In the book Love That Dog by Sharon Creech, Jack can be described as timid. In the story, Jack thinks that poetry is just for girls and he can’t do it. When Jack says “I can’t do it”, he is being timid because he is lacking his courage towards writing a poem. Another example of timid is seen when Jack says, “Boys don’t write poetry”. Jack feels timid because he hasn’t given poetry a try because he is lacking his courage of not writing a poem. Jack feels that he can’t do poetry because he lacks the courage towards writing one. At the beginning of the book, Jack appears timid about poetry; however, as the story progresses, Jack’s ideas change and he becomes reluctant yet enthusiastic. In the story Jack is changing his opinion by letting the teacher show the class his poem. When Jack says “don’t put my name on it”, it proves that he is reluctant because he doesn’t want his name on it, and in case people might think it is not a poem. He also says, “Yes, you can type it up” and this shows that he…show more content…
By the end of the book, he becomes confident in his poetry writing abilities. In the poem March 14, Jack’s teacher read a poem to the class and he loved the poem. Jack shows his confidence when he describes Mr. Myers’ poem as “That was the best best BEST poem”. This shows growth in Jack’s character because he loves poems so much, he’s understanding them so much, and he hung it up on his bedroom wall right over his bed. Jack also shows growth in his thinking in the poem entitled Love That Dog when he says “Love That Dog”. This proves that Jack is confident about poetry because he is being inspired by other poetics and he is now starting to write his own poems. Throughout the book, Jack’s thoughts about poetry have grow from timid, then he changed to reluctant and enthusiastic, and now he is confident about poetry because he is now starting to enjoy poetry more and write his own
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