Sharon Draper's Copper Sun

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Copper Sun is an inspirational and touching nonfiction novel by Sharon Draper. It begins with a young girl, Amari, who witnesses her mother, father, and brother murdered by white men after throwing them a welcoming party. Her fiancé and she have been separated and both taken into slavery on boats. When they get to America she is purchased by Mr. Derby, along with white girl named Polly. She makes many new friends at his plantation. His wife, Isabelle Derby, gives birth to an African American baby by a slave. The slaves try to hide it from Mr. Derby knowing that he will be furious if he finds out. However, when he discovers their lie he promises to sell Amari, Polly and the chefs son, Tidbit. Dr. Hoskins whom is supposed to sell them sets them free with some food and a gun with one bullet. The trio make their way to Fort Mose, where they can be free. They succeed and have met a few friends along the way. In addition, she reconnects with her old fiancée, Besa. Amari, Polly, Tidbit, and Besa have experienced several changes mentally and physically. First, the main character, Amari, has experienced the most of all characters I believe. Amari was kidnapped at 15 years old, witnessed her mother, father, and brother killed, and was separated
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When the three first began their journey, he would constantly cry for his mother. For example, in chapter 33 Tidbit says "I don’t care. I want to go back to my mama's kitchen!" Afterward, in chapter 40, Tidbit has matured. He decides he want to now be called by his real name. He says "My real name Timothy"; "Mama name me Timothy, but I was real little when was borned, so everybody call me Tidbit. But Mama always told me when I get to be a man, my name be Timothy." In addition, Timothy is beginning to understand freedom and that they may never see his mother again. He asks Amari will she be his new
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