Sharon Flake Who Am I Without Him Literary Analysis

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Literary Critique In the story ”Who Am I Without Him” written by Sharon Flake, I Felt the author expressed the scene very well by bringing the situation to life through the characters actions. In the story ”Who Am I Without Him” the main Character was bad because that is who she is, and she thought to herself if there is something wrong with being herself. The main character can’t tell if Raheem likes her because he is always shady in every scene especially in the last few. She hates the good girls because one of them stole Raheem away from her but the good girl moved away to another house. She is very jealous so anytime the good girl looks at him and he looks bad she gets jealous. She obeys Raheem’s every command…show more content…
She handled the scene better than I thought she would have, but I did not agree on the decision she made. She decided to “I’ll go to his class, I think, and tell his teacher he was sick this morning. That he’ll take the test tomorrow” The scene should have taken place where it did because if she made a different decision she would have caused more problems than when she said “you better run!” The story felt like it made the plot better because it made the story feel like it could actually happen in real life. The scene felt like it belonged in the story. The story would change without this scene. She would have never started crying because of “I lean over and stare out the window and see the red head standing at the corner with Raheem” and “Raheem was all up in her face, sunglasses off..” The scene enhanced the story because that way a conflict was created when “Raheem was all up in her face, sunglasses off.” This made the plot better for me. I liked the story because it felt realistic like it could actually happen that
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