Sharon Wood No Limits Summary

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Marilyn Bell Di Lascio from the short story, “The True Story of Lake Ontario” and Sharon Wood from the short story, “Sharon Wood: No Limits” both make exceptional role models, but I think that Marilyn is truly superior to Sharon. Her experience as a swimmer started with genuine determination, despite her anxiety and anxiety, that is not generally found amongst many people today. Marilyn wanted to make it far in the world of swimming, just as her role model Barbra Ann Scott, a World and Olympic figure-skating champion, did. “You need fear. It’s healthy. You just can’t let it kill you. If you get too much of it, it will kill you. If you get too little of it, it will kill you.” Sharon Wood stated this in her story with confidence. She overcame the summit of Everest even though she was scared and had quite a few obstacles put in front of her. Her self-motivation really helped with keeping her going and giving into her fears. Sure, Sharon is very brave for dealing with something this complicated,…show more content…
“I really had no confidence about completing that swim, and the idea of swimming at night terrified me.” She didn’t believe in herself and didn’t think she would do too well, but she still put her heart into that swim and she kept pushing herself to get closer and closer to her dreams and past all the obstacles that got in her way. Marilyn is truly the greater role model. Motivation isn’t an easy thing to obtain, especially when you have to swim a mile in freezing cold water. Marilyn did not give up because she had multiple people by her side, cheering her on and she wanted to be just like Barbra Ann Scott, who made it big. After all the complications through-out her swim, her fears and all the pressure around her, she finally made it and completed the long, hard and freezing swim. She was granted a large amount of money and a congratulatory telegram from her reason to keep pushing, Barbara Ann
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