Sharpie Rhetorical Analysis

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The Rhetorical Analysis Final Essay
“It all started with a Sharpie”. Sharpie was launched in 1964 by Sanford Ink Company and it became the first pen-style permanent marker. Sanford created a new ink that could write almost any surface such as glass, wood, metal, and paper. Sharpie only came in black, until the other colors added in 1979. Sharpies now come in a variety of style, such as retractable markers, paint markers, and markers for labeling CDs and DVDs. Advertisement is about Sharpie, but we found the Apple logo in the ad. It is so amazing to analysis why the designer use other company’s logo in the Sharpie print ad. This advertisement aims to make a relation between Sharpie as a drawing instrument, and Apple logo as a design of a famous designer for the largest tech company in the world.
Rob Janoff was Apple logo designer in 1997. Today Rob is a famous designer and Apple is one of the world's largest tech companies. Rob prepared only one concept for Steve Jobs to review, and the entire design process only took two weeks from first meeting to the final design presentation.
The Sharpie advertisement was designed by students of Miami Ad School and recognized as the best ads of the world. The designers also have two other versions of ads with logos that belong to Playboy and The Rolling Stones. All three version are look like
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At the first look everyone think that, it should be an advertisement for Apple. The print ad cleverly uses the popularity of Apple and its logo designer to show that Sharpie is a vital part of any creative process. It shows that Rob as a famous logo designer use Sharpie instead of other pens to design a logo for Apple, largest tech company in the world. It induces that all this successful process for Apple and its logo designer were beginning with Sharpie. Thus, print ad designer use a strong phrase at the bottom of the ad that says, “It all started with a

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