Shashi Deshpande In Yajnavalkya's A Matter Of Time

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Yajnavalkya wished to provide some property to her wife so that she could earn her livelihood from that property. Maitreyi was an enormously learned woman and she was the seeker after self- knowledge or Atman. She disagreed to take any property and instead, wanted to have "Atma-gnanam" or self-knowledge. Sumitra in A Matter of Time also does not take any help from her husband. Neither she persuades her husband, nor does she follow her husband. Rather, she takes a practical approach towards life and starts a new struggle to establish herself in the society and be a support for her three daughters. Here, Deshpande rewrites history. In one respect, Shashi Deshpande is a 'feminist ', because, she takes the side for a woman in her struggle. But, on the other hand, she takes the point of view of a liberal humanist, because her protagonist Sumitra never accuses her husband for leaving her in the midst of` her life, neither does she impose the responsibilities of her children to her husband. Every human being is different, so is his point of view. Marriage is such a bond where two human beings should live side by side, hand in hand in every situation. If anyone doesn’t want to be with the other, none should compel the other one. Sumitra is definitely hurt by her husband’s behaviour, but, her self-respect makes her strong. Everyone should have such respect for hisown self, be it a man or a woman. Shashi Deshpande conveys the fact that women like Sumitra are not rare in Indian

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