Shatter Me Character Analysis

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Responding to Conflict
Everybody encounters conflicts in their life very often, some more often than others. How a person responds to conflict can determine whether they are successful or met with complete failure. A person’s response to a conflict can have either a positive or negative impact on that person and the people around them.
In the book Shatter Me, by Tahereh Mafi, the main character’s biggest conflict is a man vs self conflict. Juliette was born with a touch that can kill, and struggles throughout the whole book mentally whether that makes her monster or a savior for the weak. She has to deal with the guilt that weighs her down because she has taken a the life of a little boy by accident in the past. Even though it was an accident, the main character can’t get over the fact that she has taken numerous lives. Juliette has two options to resolve this conflict. One option is to let it forever weigh her down, limiting her options of action through the book, putting her life in danger. She
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I was confronted with a rather common conflict of bullies in sixth grade, and was verbally rather than physically abused on a daily bases. My first response was to ignore it, but it progressively got worse until the point where I was always in a bad mood. This put the people around me in a sour mood as well. No one was ever happy around me, including myself, for a long time. Until finally, I exploded while having another session of their abuse. I started yelling and crying, and even threatened to hurt them in multiple ways if they didn’t cease their, as they put it, “teasing”. I got in more trouble than they did by the teachers because I was the one that freaked out and was noticed the most. I was negatively affected in numerous ways. Had I just told the teacher from the start, they probably would have stopped, and none of it would have ever
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