Shaun Tan Broken Language Summary

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Tan talks about the different types of English and the different circumstances she uses them. Most of her writings deal with issues of language and her relationship with her mother who spoke very broken English. She also talks about how that we are categorized on the way we speak. I want people to understand my point of view about what the author is trying to say because I can definitely relate to her paper because I came from another country and my English as a child considered broken but as I got older in school I learned, so not my Spanish considered broken. Tan indicates several different feelings when talking about her mother’s English. The article 's theme of is Language and the different forms of English’s that we are supposed to learn is well argued because not every culture speak proper English due to having to learn the English language on their own instead of getting taught the English the right way. The Author…show more content…
She also talks about how people who barely speak clear English call it Broken English even though to her its clear English it just lacks a certain wholeness and soundness but not broken. There is no such thing as broken English does not mean they are not bright. Tan bases the story on her mother’s broken English because she gets ashamed because people don’t take her
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