Growing Up Persuasive Speech

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INTRODUCTION I am back! This is Louis and I am back to share with you the long awaited formula. Got Shaving Bumps? Ingrown Hairs? Shaving Rashes? If you are a man of color, which we all have, and have thick or thin, coarse or fine curly hair on your beard and other unmentionable places, then, you probably have them. If not then count yourself as being very fortunate. Hello! I’m Louis and let me be the first to say congratulations on taking your first step in the battle to fight shaving bumps, ingrown hairs and shaving rashes. Many have suffered for years! And unfortunately, continue to suffer today from this skin problem. The quest to find a solution has left some discouraged, maybe yourself, and wanting to just give up. But do not worry! I…show more content…
I am from the east coast. Lived here for most of my life. With the exception of when I was served in the military and was stationed in Vietnam for the Vietnam War. A very grueling physically and emotionally taxing war. Returned disabled. I am creeping very close to 70! Ok. I am 6?  but still, that is very very close to 70 and the good thing is I don’t look it. Seriously. It is in part from my 40 year skin regimen! Plus, eating a pretty good diet along with staying active with my family. Married. Divorced. Married again. Divorced again. Married.  Whats that old saying? Yeah you know it. Divorced twice. Married over a decade now. My kids keep me young. Five girls, two boys, three grandchildren and one great grand. Four of my kids are well into adulthood and three at home. My oldest being 47 and youngest being 7. I know. I know. I know. I told you I stay active! My two youngest kids keep me on my toes constantly! I am a family man! I come from a large family. I am the oldest of 11 brothers and sisters. I am African American. However, I do have Native American Cherokee Indian, Caucasian and West Indies in my family line – parents, grandparents on back, on both sides. I am sharing this with you because we are a world of mix colors and ones gene happens to be more dominant than the others, thereby resulting in having, shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, or shaving rashes. Just a side note, though very important, although shaving bumps and ingrown hairs are most commonly found in black men or men of color, it is possible for it to appear in other complexions and cultures. Family man, served in the military, disabled, had a career, owned my own business at one time, retired, active in my community, down to earth, people person. Infectious smile and laugh! Ask any of my family. They will tell you the know my laugh with their eyes close! It’s not bad. It’s just unique. Like

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