Shavonda Mckay Case Study

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Shavonda Mckay is a skillful private computer contractor software developer who works at her home in North Carolina and a single mom who is willing to make a long term commitment with a larger Tampa-based company which required her to attend a week long session in Tampa twice a year. Because of this commitment Shavonda has to leave her children to her mother in law to continue this commitment. During the first week, she realized that she made a wrong choice and this company has turned out to be a disaster for her due to the gender inequality between the men and women independent contractors, which are women in the company, are sent to “shopping trips” with the wives of the owners while the men boating out. Shavonda has complaints to her manager…show more content…
Not only is this company running based on classical style where everything is top down but they’re also lack of managerial grid. The organization doesn’t have a tool for training managers in leadership styles that would enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness and stimulate the satisfaction and creativity of individual workers. They have proved their lack of management style skills and man by calling Shavonda and other three female contractor “shopping trips” and ignoring Shavonda’s complaint to a manager. This could be a serious consequences that could lead a manager to be terminated and possible a lawsuit of gender discrimination which could causes the company to lose major clients and effect the images in the business world. Also, victims of gender segregation lose motivation and morale to perform their jobs and their productivity will go down due to stressful and they have no desire to perform. Most importantly above all, federal law prohibits this place of discrimination in a work place, a lawsuit is another possibility that an organization could face which would cost them a lot of money for lawyers and compensation to pay out if they lose to Shavonda and three other contractor. The best authority for this manager to fix this problem is to communicate with human resource and solve this problem internally before they become a big case. Human resource approach would be the best authority to solve this because human resource recognize individual in organization have feelings that must be considered and also recognize that individual labor is an important ingredient for meeting organizational

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