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I am interested in serving on SHAB because I have a passion for healthcare and serving others. As a Health Science major on the Pre-PA track, I want to educate myself holistically on healthcare issues to better myself, and thus the community. I did not know of the services and resources the SHCC has when I first arrived on campus, and feel that in serving on the board, I can eliminate this lack of knowledge to incoming students and current students to promote a healthier and safer university community. I would like to give back to the my community, become more involved on campus, learn about the healthcare field, collaborate with others, and challenge myself, and feel that SHAB is a great opportunity to do so.

A value that I would bring to SHAB would be respect. Being that the SHAB only meets on the 4th Monday of each month, I would first respect the time of others to efficiently work as a team and compete the required tasks on time. Also, I would respect the needs and healthcare issues/concerns of the students. For example, when it comes to sexual health it is an uncomfortable topic and is disregarded by college students.
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After spending a year in undergrad, I have realized how precious time is and how making appointments/waiting to be seen is not always on the top of the list for students. I myself have experienced this, thinking that “I cannot find the time” with classes and exams to see a healthcare provider. I only went into the SHCC when the problem was only worsening. Also, as a freshman I did not know about the Student Healthcare Center or its services until I had a problem and looked online to find the university’s infirmary. This is not the mentality I or another student should have, as waiting to seek treatment will only continue the spread of diseases to the community and effect multiple life factors (i.e. academic performance, relationships,
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