She Calls Me Buddy Analysis

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The friendship of Buddy and his cousin is a source of refuge , courage and strength for Buddy and his cousin to cope with hard times and accepting the inevitably of their parting. Buddy is the narrator describing the events of his last Christmas with his cousin, best friend before he was set of to military school. At the time of the memory he is seven years old , while as stated his cousin is sixty-something. She is viewed as being his best friend throughout the story, meaning they have a deep relationship. While telling the story, the narrator shows how emotional he felt towards her while growing up, also how they relied on each other. In the beginning of the story Buddy describes his relationship between his cousin and himself. “ She calls me Buddy, in memory of a boy who was formerly he best friend. the other Buddy died ……when she was a child . She still is a child ( Capote, 1). In this quote the narrator talks about how growing up he was viewed as a replacement . He was vied as someone to take the place of his cousin’s older friend Buddy, this is due to the other Buddy having died .The narrator also implies that she is…show more content…
From the money they save , Buddy is able to view one picture movie a week . “ “My friend has never been to a picture show, nor does she intend to: "I'd rather hear you tell the story, Buddy”(Capote, 3). In this quote the narrator talks about his friend living vicariously through his actions. This is due to her being able to experience the movie due to the cost of a movie and the money they need to save. Showing that she doesn’t want Buddy to suffer, and experience less due to their lifestyle . This statement shows that she wants him to have strength in the love she showed him so that he is able to remember her when she is no longer around . The actions of both Buddy and the cousin separate them from the rest of the family, just focusing on only each
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