She Wore Red Trainers Analysis

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Introducing Islamic Culture to Western Readers Prayers and supplications are standard practices in all religions and faiths though they take different forms and are performed in different ways. due to the growing interest in spaces and places and their effects on the lives of individuals. Alienation overcomes through Muslims faith as a Cultural response. She Wore Red Trainers is an Islamic text that reflects upon the five Islamic prayers as well as supplications (Du’a) in times of distress and as a way of asking God’s guidance.
Fajr prayers, are the first one performed in a Muslim’s day and in this novel Robert mirrors the importance of prayers (Salat) through Ali who wakes up in the early morning and strives to make his brother Omar perform his prayers on time by reminding him
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Robert in the discussed novel is one major example as she constantly embraces quotes from Qur’an and the Prophetic saying of Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him. By tracing the events of the novel a reader could easily identify those quotes as illustrations for a point of view or a religious advice, especially through young characters.
The existence of quotes from the holy Qur’an is omnipresent in different parts of the novel starting with the beginning of it when Ali reflects his sadness and broken heart after the death of his mother to whom he was very close. On that moment Ali remembers the Qur’anic verse that tells him all people belong to Allah and that to him they will return: “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un” (Robert 2). These lines are basically used to remind Muslims that they should be closer to Allah more than anything else no matter how important and beloved they might be. Again, another Islamic principle is provided through the distress and the lesson that Ali learns after the death of his
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