Shea Butter Research Paper

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The benefits of Shea butter just get better. The oil conditions from the hair root to the end of each strand. Massaging the scalp prevents itching or drying out causing hair to break or fall out. Regular applications provide the SPF needed to protect your hair from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Over all, the oil keeps your hair moist, free flowing and shining.
1. Nourishes the Scalp Skin
Scalp conditions are the major cause for hair loss. The anti-inflammatory properties in Shea butter help the scalp skin to absorb the oil, keeping your hair healthy and growing. You will see less breakage and fewer split ends. Besides feeling good, massaging increases the skin's circulation and distributes the oil from your scalp to the hair follicles.
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Shea butter helps to stop the breakage, moisten the hair and diminish the static inherent to dry hair. Natural curls relax with less tangling from generous amounts of butter massaged into the scalp and hair follicles. Salon treated curls last longer and reduce the chemical damage with consistent deep conditioning treatments.
Other Uses of Shea Butter
Holistically, the properties are about optimal health and full body wellness. The belief of balancing our lives and nourishing our bodies has led to the awareness of Shea's natural qualities for health giving. Scientific studies have shown the plant's fatty acids and plant sterols soothe allergic reactions, decrease itching, reduce swelling and relax tired muscles. By rubbing the oil on the body, it relieves the discomfort from bruises, burns, cracked and dried skin. It works by penetrating the skin's surface and absorbing the toxins to reduce the soreness or stiffness. Routine applications remove the symptoms.
Raw, unrefined butter soothes skin rashes and preserves the new skin layer when peeling from sunburn or household burns, preventing scars or infections. The anti-inflammatory qualities calm the skin's reaction to bug bites. A secret ingredient, stigmasterol is an anti-stiffness component reducing the tension in muscles and

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