Shear Wall Architecture

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STUDY OF EFFECTIVE LOCATION OF SHEAR WALL AVINASH M S MAHAJAN VINAY PRAKASH PATEL DHRUV PRAMODBHAI SMBS SMBS SMBS VIT University VIT University VIT University ABSTRACT - Shear walls are specially designed structural walls incorporated in buildings to resist lateral forces that are produced in the plane of the wall due to wind, earthquake and other forces. They are usually provided in tall buildings and have been found to be used to avoid total collapse of building under seismic forces. The purpose of this study is to analyze the behaviour of shear wall and hence effectively locate it in structure. Keywords…show more content…
To make the structures more stable and stiffer there are many building codes that command the use of shear walls in it. The columns will also be there in most of the RC buildings with shear walls, but these columns mainly carry gravity loads (i.e., due to self-weight and contents of building). Large strength and stiffness to buildings can be attained if the shear walls are provided in the direction of their orientation, which notably reduces lateral sway of the building and as a result of that, reduces damage to structure and its contents. Shear walls should be provided along both length and width. Nonetheless, if they are provided along only one direction, to resist strong earthquake effects in the vertical plane, a proper grid of beams and columns must be provided along the other direction. To reduce ill-effects of twist in buildings, shear wall must be symmetrically located in plan of the building. They could be placed symmetrically along one or both directions in plan. The most effective way of placing a shear wall is when it is located along exterior perimeter of the building – such a formation increases resistance of the building to twisting. A competent wall of this type is both stiff and strong. Stiffness alone will not be enough, as the stiffer something is, the more brittle it becomes. Strength alone is also not sufficient, because objects can be extremely strong, but still very giving. A stiff, strong wall, on the other hand, resists lateral forces while providing

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