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The Freshwater Drum Fish Description The Freshwater Drum Fish, also known as the Sheepshead, or the aplodinotus grunniens, is an aquatic creature. Drum Fish are usually bronze, but some are a dull-pearl, with a silver underbelly, with a humped back and blunted snout. Sometimes when they’re in the sunlight they look sliver with blue eyes. They’re bilateral, having or related to two different fish. They relate to the Red Drum and Bass. The typical weight is 10 to 36 pounds, and are usually 12 - 37 inches ( 1 to 3.01 feet ). Habitat they live in North American deciduous forests, tall trees with many water sectors, with a normal temperature of 50* degrees fahrenheit and physical appearances of climate change. Drum Fish don’t live on land, because they’re fish, but instead live in rivers and big lakes with sand or gravel - like material. such as the Ohio River, Lake Erie, Kanawha River, the Little Kanawha River, Hudson River, Great Lakes, southern Gulf Coast. If they were to live in an area that has less water, could they survive with or without the need of bog water sources? Diet and Food Chain…show more content…
Food sources come from their nearby area of water. It attacks it’s prey by dislodging it by pushing rocks over to the bottom. Usually hunts at night time or the evening. Prey is mollusks, crayfish, minnows, insects, worms, small fish, zooplankton, but Walleyes, Allegheny River Pikes, and Gulls are the main predators of the Drum

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