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I am very excited to analyze and review my close friend, Lizzy Klingens art piece, “Sheets”. I was able to see it in the Worth Ryder Gallery at UC Berkeley, it was a part of the Fall 2015 Honors Studio Exhibition held last week. Although the artist and piece I chose are new and contemporary, the work Klingen creates is compelling and beautifully done. Klingen is interested in her human form and how her perceptions of her self determine and shape her. This was another reason I chose Klingen, we live in the age of “selfies” but selfies are more than just a cute picture of yourself, it is a way to explore yourself and your body. It is also a form of self love, which is desperately needed during this age. Currently Klingen is researching self related…show more content…
This is pretty large piece and basically a life sized portrait of Klingen. I really liked the scale of this piece. It allowed me to see how much detail there was in the piece, especially in the hair and face. The piece is dynamic, due to the curved lines coming from the window shadows, the soft body curves of Klingen herself and the curved creases on the bed and pillows. The piece is slightly unbalanced from left to right. There is more going on the left side of the canvas, than the right, this is due to the hair and bunched-up sheets and pillows. This piece does have rhythm, there are repeated shapes and patterns. This can be seen through the subject 's hair, the creases on the sheets and and the window shadows. There is a great use of line and shading in this piece, the use of this is why the piece looks realistic, it is almost like you are seeing the actual depth of the creases between the sheets and the distance between her body and the bed. As for texture, the medium is graphite and paper, so it had a smooth surface. The largest mass in the piece would obviously be the body, klingen. Followed by her hair and then the crumpled sheets beside her bed. And lastly, the piece uses only cool, again, because it is graphite on paper, there are only white and grey

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