Shehzad Saleem: Common Misconceptions About Islam

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Common Misconceptions About Islam, by Shehzad Saleem: Al-Mawrid 2009.176 pages. Reviewed by This book is chosen for review as part of the Islam and International relations course for better identification and understanding of the relationships between political and religious ideologies in Islam. The author of this book is Shehzad Saleem; a renown Pakistani scholar who received his PhD in the history of the Quran from the University of Wales, UK.1 The book “Common misconception about Islam” is a scholarly and well written piece in recognition and understanding of the common misconceptions about Islam through juridical, Quran and Hadith. Unlike the standard formatting, the author has not separated the book into chapters, but rather has used the numbering format. This book is separated into 11 parts; and each one discusses a separate issue. The first part of this book is about Quran, its structure and thematic arrangements. It also reviews the verses, Motashabihat2 and Moqatiat3; in which things are beyond human observation and comprehensions. He states how the thematic arrangement of Quran is commonly misperceived. The second part is about the authenticity of the Sunnah and Hadith; and the interpretation of Quran. Furthermore, he indicates the misconceptions about deduction and Ijmah. The third part of this book is Worships and Rituals; in this chapter the author explains common misconceptions perceived about praying, sacrifice, alms giving (Zakat) and the worship. In

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