Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Speech On The Role Of History In The Freedom Of Bangladesh

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Analyzing Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s speech on the role of history in the freedom of Bangladesh In my chosen primary source, I will provide a background to the historical context of the speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s (21march, 1971) as well as historical background information on Bangladesh in terms of social and political affairs. In this speech, Sheikh Mujibur convinces the freedom-loving people of Bangladesh for the Liberation war by raising their emotion through the historical fact of political deprivation and persecution. He presented the long history of struggle of Bengali people for democratic rights, economic justice and cultural self-determination in his speech. Sheikh Mujib step-by-step gained the trust of the audience and build is credibility with his rigorous voice and his proper representation of the arguments. To this end, the history of birth of Bangladesh as an independent country is due to thy success of Sheikh Mujib’s speech. Analysis Political leaders have always convinced people to sacrifice their life for their country and for the greater good of the mankind throughout history. A great leader always try to represent his/her speech in such a way that it not only influence them to believe but also to act on their speech. Despite such effort, only few speeches were able to create history and touch people heart. 7th march speech by Sheikh Mujjib was one of them which marked the history and inspired the people for their freedom and

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