Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Essay

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque situated in the country. The largest place to gather for Friday prayers and Eid prayers in the heart of Abu Dhabi which happens to be the capital of United Arab Emirates. It has the capacity to accommodate more than 41,000 people at a time. The mosque’s construction is a complete example of Architectural styles of Arabic, Mughal and Moorish works. The construction of mosque was a long process and it continued from 1996 to 2007. The mosque was designed by Yousaf Abdelky, a Syrian Architect. The design was largely inspired by the grand Badshahi Mosque situated in Lahore, Pakistan. The area of the mosque as we enter it comprises of almost 290m by 420m, which happens to be 30 acres, keep in mind that this includes only the inner area and not the exterior landscaping and parking for vehicles. The mighty mosque has been…show more content…
The white color of Domes and complete mosque might give a glance of influence from Taj Mahal. The tomb of Sheikh Zayed is also located nearby the mosque. The courtyard of the mosque holds a massive floral design which is the largest example of floral marble design in the world. Standing in the courtyard, we can see the four minarets of the mosque which are of classic Arabic design. Moving forward to the arch ways we see that they are a piece of essential Moorish architecture, and the archways show it beautifully. Passing to the prayer hall, we can see the floral garden foyer on its way. Then we enter the main prayer hall, which has a large capacity to accommodate about 7000 worshippers in the heart of the mosque. As we descend deep into the mosque, we will witness the white marble décor. This marble was imported from Greece and Italy which are to be the purest marble producers in the

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