Sheila Delaney: The Power Of Women

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The Power of Women In Mothers to think Back Through: Who are They? The Ambiguous Example of Christian de Pizan, by Sheila Delaney. The author raises an excellent point that women have an important role in the society with their married and independent life. Delaney supports Christine through her writing, that women are considered to be strong, wise, skilled, brave, and are capable to do any work as men and learn various things that can help them with their actions. As time passes by, women are open to various opportunities in the society with more freedom. Although, women faced many obstacles in the medieval society, they were able to overcome that problem with success and hold a high reputation in society with their great achievement. One reason Delaney is correct in her criticism because she supports that women are…show more content…
She questions why the unskilled and skilled men say and write so many evil and reproachful things about women. Christine proves through her words and actions that women are capable to do any work as men. Christine shows that women are not portrayed as evil in the society. As a result, Christine says "Lady, I see well that many good things have come through women, and if any evil resulted from evil women, it still seems to me that the good things brought about by good women, and also by the wise women and those learned in literature and the sciences"(De Pizan 147). However, Delaney thinks that Christine is very detailed in her writing in order to prove her position. “Christine insists that an author take full responsibility for every word written”(Delaney 324). Christine supports that women are strong and active in the society building a good relationship with other individuals including their family. Christine disproves the fact that women should not be staying home all day doing house chores rather they should go out and work just as
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