Sheila Thompson: A Hero With A Story

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A Hero with a Story Think of someone really inspirational, someone who doesn’t let you down and always finds a way to make you feel better no matter how bad the situation. What if that person had to work through taking care of three kids alone? What if that person had someone they care about not there to support them? What if even after all of that they could still find the positive side and work through it? That person is my grandma Sheila Thompson, who even though went through many hardships, found a way to stay positive, and that is what inspires me. Sheila Thompson had three kids, Bill, Ben, and Haley, that she knew she had had to support, whether she had to do it herself or not. Since my grandfather was distant, she was the one to put food on their plates and put clothes on their bodies. She was lucky to get a good job and actually managed to get the necessities and some extras, such as a good house in a nice…show more content…
Retirement is the last thing on my grandma 's mind, as she loves her job, (she has many friends there, as well as the fact she says it’s relaxing) so she doesn’t want retirement, although she could take a year off because of how many days off she has saved up. She loves her quiet life in her small town of Homer, she is courteous to her neighbors, giving treats to them on the holidays, she does anything to just be nice. She sees her kids and grandkids as the light of her life, forgiving our mistakes and pushing us to always achieve what we want to do, she truly is an amazing person. So you see, Sheila Thompson really is an inspirational person, as she reminds me to always stay positive. Even though she went through taking care of three kids alone and having her husband leave, she managed to work through it thanks to her just being positive. So remember to respect your elders, as you don’t know what they went through to help you get to where you are

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