Sheilah O Donnel's Case For Staying Home

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Sheilah O’Donnel story like any other successful women who have left their professional career to stay home. She works in a competitive training program at Oracle, the technology company and was earning at 500,000 a year. O’Donnel career take a turn when she has her first two children and begin to work less days and make only a quart of her earning. However, two-career household was not an easy thing when decided chore and responsible, because she a women and a mother was expecting to be home and responsible for the house. She quit her job in exchange for her marriage and she was pregnancy with the third child with the hope of improving her relationship. The argument continue that lead to a divorce, which O’Donnel realizes that without salary and independent work identity make her feel worthless.…show more content…
Women realizes that without work and salary had make them lost their confident as individual to pursuing a professional job because they don’t know their worth anymore. For example the author state, “a Time magazine cover story on “The Case for Staying Home” and a “60 Minutes” segment devoted to a group of former mega-achievers who were, as the anchor Lesley Stahl put it, “ giving up money, success and big futures” to be home with their children. (Warner, 2013) Women thought that by stay home will solve the relationship issues and that women will be recognize as a good mother, but O’Donnel’s experience prove this to be wrong. Women who are working, they value their self more and put their self in front of a lot of things like marriage and manage work
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