Sheila's Change In An Inspector Calls

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An inspector call can be seen as a moral play as it show the conflict between the characters and clearly highlights to the audience who is right and who is wrong. J.B priestly uses characters to portray his ideas across to the audience and one example is when he purposely presents the change of Shelia from a selfish spoilt little girl to a mature and clear headed woman at the end of the play. Soon after the inspector started interrogating Shelia it soon became apparent to the audience that Sheila to did have a part to play in the death of Eva Smith, a common lower class woman struggling through life. She had forced the manager at Millwards to fire her due to her being jealous about how well the dress fitted her. As soon as she admitted to…show more content…
She is “frightened” about how her parents start talking after they realise that this could’ve been all of a hoax. She and Eric are the only characters that really learnt a lesson throughout the play as they know that even though that this was a hoax the possibility of something like this happening again were high if they didn’t change their ways. The word “frightened” shows to the audience that she is shocked on how her parents seem to think of it all as a joke that was planned by them. Here there is a visible divide between the old and the young because the old, Mr and Mrs Birling still stuck on their arrogant and capitalistic views whereas the young, Sheila and Eric understand that there needs to be a change otherwise they would be in deep trouble. The author could’ve purposefully done this to highlight how corrupt and unhealthy the capitalistic views and families were. The author himself was a socialist and his messages are clearly portrayed via the Inspector and the younger generation. He wanted the country to stay together as a giant family after the two wars. This was because during the wars the classes had to merge together and start working together to overcome the war. Consequently the author may have used these characters on purpose to signify how this change should be
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