Sheila's Paladaptive Behavior

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Case Study 2 Latalvin Bullock Liberty University Sheila is a 34-year-old Caucasian woman with 3 children ages 18, 7, and 5. Sheila grew up in a low socio-economical community by a single mother. Her mother worked two jobs to take care of her and her siblings and did everything she could to shield them from the things in their environment. But Sheila started hanging with the wrong crowd and eventually dropped out of school. Her mother attempted to enroll her in Job Corps to see if that would be a way for her to gain a diploma in a different environment than the school she had attended, but once Sheila found out she was pregnant she did not complete that either. Shelia said that she began smoking marijuana or “weed” as she calls…show more content…
And although it seems that Sheila was adjusting well, something in her life might be causing her to revert to the maladaptive behavior that comes along with substance abuse that she had in the past. Sheila was already on a plan through Work First in helping her become self-sufficient, she has obtained a GED, a low-income apartment, and working on skills to keep gainful employment in addition to a part-time job. But in light of the behavior that she has recently been displaying, we may need to get other aspects of social services such as rehab and mental health to get involved in a treatment plan. Sheila has had prior sessions with county mental health professionals in the past, but this issue needs to be addressed right from the onset so that she will not be in a position where she could slip back into that maladaptive behavior and lose her children or her life. There is a lot of treatment that is offered for free with the county through social services, which is different then when Sheila first began her maladaptive behavior in the past. So, finding money or resources will not be a problem. But before we even began to setup a treatment plan, Sheila must admit that something is going on. Clearly something has happed to trigger this behavior

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