Shelby And Stoowe Analysis

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When people talk about slavery they more or less tend to label the good ones who were against slavery into the North and then the monsters as being the Southerners. Stowe showed the readers that this isn’t true, and that you can’t just point and blame that easily. Through Tom’s owners, Mr. Shelby and St. Clare, Stowe showed us the reality of kindness that some Southern slave owners possessed. Both of these slave owners believed it wrong to harm their slaves and to treat them with any type of cruelty. St. Clare tended to share his opinions on slavery, and Stowe used this character to show how many Southerners thought slavery to be an act of iniquity, but were too stubborn to try and change the ways of their society. Tom’s last owner, Simon Legree,…show more content…
In 1787 the South made sure that a law was passed where no slave would automatically be set free in the circumstances of escaping to a free state (“”). The Slave Acts didn’t stop there, for one was passed in 1793 and then another one in 1850, and these acts of inequity only caused America to delve into a greater tremble that would soon erupt into war (“”). The Fugitive Slave Acts caused a riot among the Northern Abolitionists, because they were detested with the cruelty that those laws imprinted on the lives and hope of all black people. says that “In 1851 a mob of antislavery activists rushed a Boston courthouse and forcibly liberated an escaped slave named Shadrach Minkins from federal custody” (“”). This was not the last rescue either, for the abolitionists stopped at nothing to give slaves the freedom they deserved (“”). All of these actions contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War, because the anger and the restraints finally broke loose, and America fought for the thing most worth fighting
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