Sheldon Cooper Theory

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The Big Bang Theory is centered on five major characters: two roommate prodigies, who work at the California Institute of Technology, theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper and experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter; their neighbor Penny, an attractive blondie waitress and aspiring Hollywood actress; and their equally geeky friends and co-workers, an aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz and socially-awkward particle astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali also working at Caltech. Sheldon and Leonard are geniuses, the kind of masterminds that understand the whims and the caprices of the universe and its functioning. However, none of that brilliance helps them socially as interaction with other people, especially women. The show is about the exploitation…show more content…
He is a theoretical physicist. He is most known for his unique brilliant mind along with his quirky and very unconventional behaviors. His idiosyncrasies often gives him a hard time in most social situations and extreme logical analysis of social conventions often display him as rude and condescending. Sheldon has a narcissist behavior which shows how much he values himself. Self-esteem which is one’s emotional evaluation of one’s worth. Sheldon exhibits high self-esteem. His scholastic competence with physical appearance gives him a boost of self-worth which often makes him seem arrogant sometimes. Sheldon Cooper is brilliant and proud. He started college at the age of 11, has two Ph. Ds to his name and has an impressive IQ of 187. He is profoundly gifted but very socially awkward and his literal interpretation of sarcasm makes it worse. Children with high self-esteem, like Sheldon, are capable problem solvers and consider themselves as worthy and deserving (McKay & Fanning,…show more content…
They have high expectations for their children with little or no responsiveness. As Baumrind observed, these parents are “status oriented” and provide no explanation to their rules (as cited in Bernstein, 2011). For Leonard, it is quite different, he has a cold and distant mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, who is greatly blessed with a brilliant analytic mind. Growing up, his birthdays were never celebrated and even for Christmas, he was made to write essays which Beverly would grade. She rarely interacts with her child and even when Leonard calls her, she is often uncaring in her response and rarely approve Leonard’s life choices. She has set the bar so high that it is almost impossible for Leonard to please her. This shows the authoritarian parenting
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