Essay On Shell Shock

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The Effects of Shell Shock
Soldiers who had bayoneted men in the face had developed twitches of their own face muscles. Stomach pains conquered men who stabbed their enemies in the abdomen. Snipers lost eye sight. Terrifying nightmares of being unable to take out bayonets from the enemies' bodies stayed with them long after the killing. Shell shock is a serious disorder and WW1 cases such as these caused a giant step into the study of psychology. This step lead to many discoveries.
Shell Shock was also known as ´war neurosis´ , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and ´combat stress´. There are several causes of PTSD. Murdering someone is one possibility, such as stabbing a shooting an enemy. Witnessing death was also very hard for a soldier to deal with. Mental issues were not the only causes. Nearby explosions and gunfire may cause severe stress leading to the disorder. At first doctors thought the disease was only caused by explosions, but soon realized soldiers who were not on the front line had been affected. This making them believe there were deeper causes.

Symptoms of this disease were varied widely. Reliving a moment of war was common. War officers were the people who
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Myers was criticized after stating this was not a disease of cowardness. While all this was happening a ¨cure¨ emerged. Arthur Hurst in one session could heal 90% of victims. A miracle worker is what some were calling Hurst, he is the only man to make a movie about shell shocked victims in Britain. The techniques Hurst used were presented in these movies. A section of the movie follows a soldier who was driven insane from war. He entered Hurst care in a wheelchair and curled up. This man left with all physical functions, and returned to living a normal life. Hurst took these men to quiet and peaceful countrysides. Men were pushed to use creative energies of theirs, and toil on the farms they lived
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