Shelley V. Kraemer: The Fight For Civil Rights

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The Fight For Our Civil Rights People are not different based on their skin color they are different based on how they grew up and who they choose to be. There are three cases that supported the civil rights movement these are: 1954: In Brown v. Board of Education, 1967: In Loving v. Virginia, and 1948: In Shelley v. Kraemer. These intense court cases supported the civil rights movement by inspiring people to stand up for their rights. First is Brown v. Board of education which a court case in which colored people were fighting to have equality in schools and have equal educational programs. Black and white kids were separated too much and were not treated equally in schools by teachers, students, parents, any of their peers. Equality is a natural right that every person deserves no matter the color of their skin. It is impossible to gauge ones ignorance or intelligence based simply on the color of their skin. Love is a powerful concept, especially in the second court case Loving v. Virginia, where people of all colors fought to marry those of another color. Whites, blacks, Latinos, and all other races could not intermarry for fear of mixed children. In the opinion of the people of that time mixed children were a sin, they were often bullied both verbally and physically just because of the color of their parents' skin. Shelly v. Kraemer in another compelling case against segregation. In this scenario colored people were fighting for their property rights. Property's selling price and size should not depend on the color of the buyers skin or even who they are or what they are like but on the actual value of it. People weren't…show more content…
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