Shelter Point: A Short Story

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Four years ago, Jenna had left Shelter Point, with her two kids. It 's a small island in West Hampton, New York, with about 2,500 residents. She 'd been divorced a month, and wondered what to do next. What would be the best path for them to follow? She prayed to God, that He show her the journey to take.The one thing, she is sure of, her kids happiness always come first. She hadn 't planned on leaving anytime soon, at least, not at first. Until her 4 year old, Amy started exhibiting unruly behavior. Not at all like her little girl. Gone was the happy girl, they all knew, and loved. In her place was an angry, stubborn girl. Why she even fought with her brother Jason. The two rarely ever argued. Jenna was beside herself, and felt a sudden sense of urgency. So, she commenced to put a plan into…show more content…
Suddenly, it came to her, the answer to her prayers, Paris, walking to her laptop. She initiated a video conference between her, Francois, and Genevieve. They talked for about fifteen minutes, brainstorming ideas. Afterward, she asked that, they keep the plans among themselves, for now. Both agreed, and promised to get back to her soon. Jenna felt bad, she hated the idea of leaving her family. Nevertheless, she knew they 'd support her decision, not matter what. Once done, she placed a video chat on Skype. It rang a few times before a woman answered. Her Aunt surprised, "Bonjour, cheri. How are you? You 're a bad girl, you haven 't called your old Aunt in a long
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