Sheltered English Language Reflection

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Drucker Reflection

After having taken the Sheltered English Immersion course this past summer, much of the information that was presented in this article was a review for me. However, there was some information that I found to be interesting and will now look upon my current instruction to see if I should correct my strategies. One area in particular that I find to be essential for literacy instruction with intermediate English Language Learners is developing vocabulary. For example, one point that I found interesting was the integration of vocabulary with instruction rather than just pre-teaching vocabulary. This seems contrary to was I was told in my SEI course as we learned about the Seven-Step Process and Illustrated Dictionaries as strategies to teach vocabulary. However,
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I recently received my SEI endorsement and my ESL license is waiting on paperwork. However, I am currently acting as the ESL teacher in my school and I am unsure what my responsibilities are as an ESL teacher vs. being an English Language Arts teacher with the SEI endorsement. When I read this article, I noticed that many of the strategies mentioned are ones that I utilize in both my ELA and ESL classrooms. Therefore, I am curious as to how I can provide literacy services to my ESL students without overwhelming with the same content that they are also receiving in the Language Arts classes. I am asking this question as an ESL teacher with students who are currently in intermediate WIDA levels (high 3’s to low 5’s). On the other hand, I also need further information about to give ESL services to students in literacy when they are at the lower WIDA levels as well. I know that this is wandering from the concept of the article with its strategies; conversely, I feel that this is an important distinction to keep in mind as I continue with this

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