Shepard And Mccandless Analysis

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Comparing and Contrasting Shepard and McCandless Two adventures had taken place, and both were different in their own ways. Adam Shepard, an individual that was unhappy with society wanted to prove the point that the American dream is achievable, and had left his home to start from the “Bottom”. Now McCandless, another individual that was unhappy with society, had a different reason for leaving his town and family. He felt that the life he was living isn’t the way he wanted it to be, so he set off on an adventure to find a new way of living. The idea that is being presented to you is the idea that both had significance throughout their journey (Impacts), but they both served a purpose that wasn’t fulfilled. Shepard chose his journey to prove that the American dream is achievable, but in his case it didn’t work because he didn’t follow the rules (Purpose). Now oppose to McCandless, who…show more content…
This isn’t true, as he ended up dead, and not being able to live the life he wanted. Both adventures was for a purpose, but only Shepard fulfilled that purpose. One thing that both journeys were similar in was impacts. They both had impacts on people, and the society, but each did that in a different matter. McCandless met a lot of people throughout his journey, and impacted almost every single one of them. A prime example is when he met Ron (an old sheltered man), he had spoken to Ron about his life, and what he was going to do. Now Ron wasn’t so happy because he doesn’t enjoy life the way he should, and that is exactly what McCandless talked to him about. McCandless told him that he doesn 't have to keep living inside, and that he should get out more and see the world. This interaction left an impact on Ron, and now McCandless leaves Ron with a new way to enjoy life. McCandless explains “make a radical change in your lifestyle and begin to boldly do things which you may previously never have
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