Shepher Pan Research Paper

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Pan was the god of the wild, hunting and lover of the nymphs and sexuality not fertility. He was seen as a half man and horns like a goat. Pan does not have a temple where he was worshipped but people used caves and such to worship him.When Pan was first worshipped it was in Arcadia because in the Greek time it was thought to be a scared place ”before the Moon”. Nymphs would turn him down because they thought he was ugly. Pan had a voice that scared everyone that was close enough to hear when he opened his mouth he scared people. Pan had a flute syrinx was it 's name or sometimes called a pan flute he named it after a nymph named Syrinx who was trying to escape from Pan and was turned into a reed to get away from Pan so this made Pan mad because he did not know which she was so he cut them all down and made them into this musical flute which in turn made beautiful music it is very common flute. The music that came out of the Syrinx made people mad with lust and most times they were out of control.…show more content…
Although there is another word it could have come from "Pa" which means "Guardian of the flocks" Pan is a shepherd a watcher over the wild and people. The Horned God is who everyone thinks about when they think of Pan he is a popular God.God. In the ancient Greek pan had a time when he would rest and people would not pray or worship him it was a sacred time for
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